Current Problems of Psychiatry

Current Problems of Psychiatry

Oral health in female patients with eating disorders


Curr Probl Psychiatry 2016; 17(2): 107-109

DOI: 10.1515/cpp-2016-0012

Mateusz Mazurek1, Anna Szyszkowska2, Agata Mazurek1, Jolanta Szymańska3

1 Dental Office, KOL-MED Medical Center, Tarnów, Poland
2 Chair and Department of Dental Surgery, Medical University of Lublin, Poland
3 Chair and Department of Paedodontics, Medical University of Lublin, Poland


The study aimed to evaluate oral health in women with eating disorders. The clinical study covered 30 patients aged 14-36 years suffer-ing from diagnosed eating disorders and treated in closed psychiatric institutions. The control group comprised 30 healthy women at the mean age corresponding to that of the patient group. No relationships were confirmed between eating disorders and the intensity of dental caries. Eating disorders contribute to increased loss of dental hard tissues. In women suffering from eating disorders non-specific lesions in oral cavity are more common than in healthy women.

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eating disorders, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, oral health


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