Current Problems of Psychiatry

Current Problems of Psychiatry

Omega-3 fatty acids in schizophrenia. Part II: Clinical applications

Kwasy tłuszczowe omega-3 w schizofrenii. Część II: Możliwości zastosowania klinicznego

Curr Probl Psychiatry 2016; 17(4): 261-271
DOI: 10.1515/cpp-2016-0025
© 2016 Medical University of Lublin. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonComercial-No Derivs licence (

Joanna Róg1, Ewa Stelmach4, Bożena Śpila5, Jacek Gajewski2, Dariusz Juchnowicz6,
Aleksandra Korzeniowska4, Joanna Tomaka2, Hanna Karakuła-Juchnowicz 2,3

1 Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences
2 I Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Early Intervention, Medical University of Lublin
3 Department of Clinical Neuropsychiatry, Medical University in Lublin
4 II Department of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Medical University of Lublin
5 Psychiatric Outpatient Department of the Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Lublin
6 Department of Psychiatric Nursing, Medical University of Lublin


Ω-3 unsaturated fatty acids are compounds belonging to the group of essential fatty acids (EFAs). The history of the discovery of EFAs dates back to the 1930s of the twentieth century, however, growing interest in ω-3 EFAs in the context of mental health has been observed since the year 2000. In view of their multidirectional action, these compounds are a promising form of adjunctive therapy of many illnesses, including psychiatric disorders. The present article aims to review the literature on the clinical applicability of ω-3 EFAs in treating schizophrenia. We present the results of preclinical studies in this area and the mechanisms of ω-3 EFAs action discussed by the authors. The randomized controlled trials (RCTs) evaluating the possibility of using ω-3 EFAs in schizophrenia are characterized in detail. The results of the tests are not clear, which may result from the methodological diversity of interventions made. Ω-3 EFAs seem to be a promising form of adjunctive therapy of schizophrenia. Further research is needed, which will allow for defining groups of patients in which intervention will bring the expected results.


schizophrenia, omega-3, omega-3 essential fatty acids fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, randomized clinical trial, supplementation

Słowa kluczowe

schizofrenia, omega 3, niezbędne nienasycone kwasy tłuszczowe omega 3, kwas dokozaheksaenowy, kwas eikozapen-taenowy,randomizowane badanie kliniczne, suplementacja


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